Explanation of Product Availability Information
The above availability information is our product status updated as of 7:00 AM or the last business day for all New Orders to be received. Yes means we have at least minimal product available or No means we are Currently Oversold and we have indicated the date when the item will be available or to call JRM Customer Service. This is a guide for your reference purposes only. The availability will change by the minute throughout the day due to new Customer Orders received or Manufactured Product added to our availability. Therefore, the information will not always be completely up to the minute at the time of your inquiry. If you need more than one Crystal Chandelier of the same item or if you need to absolutely know for sure that the item is still available at the time of your inquiry, please call Customer Service at (800) 663-1232 and place your Order right away to reserve the item for your Showroom.

How to Look Up and Find Further Valuable Product Information
You can look up this information by entering the model number, finish and Crystal quality (e.g. 40030S22) in the SEARCH box provided above. You can CLICK ON THE CHANDELIER # or MODEL'S IMAGE appearing in the Search Results box where you will be directed to its web page providing complete and detailed information.

CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE - means call to receive more information.
CUSTOM - means that the Chandelier is sold with our Custom Terms and Delivery Requirements.