To obtain the highest quality, consistency and value in our Crystal Chandelier production, we manufacture our product in our own factory and distribute in over 46 countries around the world!

Our founder's European heritage and the Company's over 53 year North American history continues to inspire our design creativity and quality craftsmanship. Our long-term dedication to bring to the world market Crystal Chandeliers, which above all represent unsurpassed quality and value in all price and styling ranges, continues to be our objective.

james r. moder® sells its Crystal Chandeliers all over the world, including over 920 Lighting Showrooms in the USA and Canada.

When in Dallas, we and our Dealers invite you to visit our large Corporate Showroom, which is located in the Dallas Market Center / World Trade Center complex located at:

James R. Moder Crystal Chandelier Inc

2050 N. Stemmons Fwy, Suite 303-1
Mail Unit #231, Dallas, TX

James R Moder Showroom

A Renowned Quality Trademark for Over 50 Years in North America, dedicated to designing and manufacturing Fashionable Crystal Chandeliers!

We are a Leading International Manufacturer delivering the highest quality, consistency and value in Crystal Chandelier production.

We use high quality and reliable sources of Crystal components manufactured in Europe and worldwide, featuring the brand name Swarovski® crystals (previously known as STRASS® and ELEMENTS) from the renowned Swarovski Company of Austria. This is the location where the international designer james r. moder®'s heritage originated, and from where connoisseurs of Crystal still request the JRM REGAL™ Hand-cut Crystal on a custom basis.


james r. moder® & moder ®IMPACT™ Crystal Chandeliers

moder®IMPACT™ is the one Global Crystal Manufacturer who draws from the Quality, Pedigree, and experience of its parent company james r. moder® Crystal Chandelier. From this Strength, we Design and Manufacture in Our Own Factory this popular Priced Quality Crystal Chandelier line which can be obtained at a very affordable Price with a High Perceived Value!


are combined to make every james r. moder® Crystal Chandelier a fashionable addition to your home. To be worthy of our Trademark, we select only the highest quality materials and apply painstaking attention to every detail. Our Chandeliers, trimmed with our finest Crystal qualities, are identified with the INDELIBLY etched JRM® Registered Trademark on one facet of a Swarovski® crystals Sphere, SPECTRA® CRYSTAL Sphere, JRM Registered trademark Color Octagon, or on our Hang tag identifies a GENUINE


Telephone: 1-800-663-1232 Fax: 1-800-886-5188
OUTSIDE of the United States and Canada FAX: 604-873-2041

Or e-mail to crystal@jamesrmoder.com,
to receive a catalog and the name of the
Authorized JRM® Crystal Gallery Showroom in your country.

Mailing Address
James R. Moder Crystal Chandelier Inc
2050 N. Stemmons Fwy, Suite 303-1
Mail Unit #231, Dallas, TX

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