Honey Brown Chandelier Finish

Honey Brown (HB)

Honey Brown Chandelier Finish

Gold Lustre (GL)

Gold Lustre Chandelier Finish

Bronze Monaco (MB)

Aged Bronze Chandelier Finish

Aged Bronze (AB)

Pewter Chandelier Finish

Pewter (PW)

Bronze Chandelier Finish

Bronze (BZ)

Gold-Brown Patina Chandelier Finish

Gold-Brown Patina (GB)

Burnt Sienna Chandelier Finish

Burnt Sienna (BS)

Silver Chandelier Finish

Silver (S)

Royal Gold Chandelier Finish

Royal Gold (G)

Vintage Bronze Chandelier Finish

Vintage Bronze (VB)

Aged Gold Chandelier Finish

Aged Gold (AG)

* Colors shown in our catalogs may vary due to hand finishing, photography and printing process.

Our Catalog description "type of plating/finish" indicates the various methods of finishing our company offers. 24K Gold Plating on our frames is applied by the Electroplating process. Royal Gold Finish, Gold Luster Finish, Painted Finish, Hand Rubbed Finish, and other Finishes are achieved by Electroplating or other Finishing processes and relate to the color of the Finish and not to the chemical formulation. Finish colors may vary slightly, and may be different from the printed catalog. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.